Wooden Switch Plate Cover-Frankenstein




Turn an ordinary light switch into a fun mechanical gear contraption.
Light switch cover is completely functional. Pivot the handle on the stationary gear hinge to flip the rocker switch on and off.
Light switch cover goes over any standard and medium size residential single rocker light switch and installs over the existing plastic cover using the existing screws to fasten to the wall (in some cases longer screws may be required, in this case we have supplied two longer screws).
Comes as shown: Gray Plate and tan Gears, Electrical Blue print styling that wraps around break jaws to give it an authentic old fashion knife/throw switch look.
Size 4 ½” x 5 3/8”
Stained with water based dye
Easy to clean wooden switch plate cover just wipe clean with dry cloth
Hand made in U.S.A


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